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An-Escape-From-the-Chaos | Feature | 6 Best Reasons To Live In Thao Dien

6 Good Reasons To Live in Thao Dien

Saigon, or Ho Chi Minh City, has grown into the economic and cultural epicenter of Vietnam. It’s fast-paced, chaotic, and vast. And, compared to Hanoi, moderately young.

The ever-evolving cityscape lacks distinct neighborhoods, and finding Saigon’s charm can prove allusive. Instead, you’ll find a sea of similar buildings infused with quaint alcoves and trendy alleys. One area melts into the next, and there’s a persistent rumble of 4-stroke engines and construction (and, sometimes, roosters). On the other hand, there’s Thao Dien.

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Trevor Long_Feature | Trevor Long

Trevor Long

Have You Seen… Trevor Long? Owner of Saigon Motorcycles and all round top bloke talks to Thao Dien Life.

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GS25 | Feature | Main Banner - GS25 1920x1080


Korea’s leading Convenience store Brand “GS25”

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interracial-kids-paying-tug-o-war-happily-outdoors-feat | Kids Activities in Thao Dien - 18 Fun Things to Do

Kids Activities in Thao Dien – 18 Fun Things to Do

Children need fun activities outside of school to keep them busy and develop physical, emotional, and social skills. But finding something to do in a city as busy as Saigon can seem like an impossible task. Luckily, Thao Dien promises tons of adventures. Here’s the ultimate list of fun things and kids activities to do in and around Thao Dien.

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