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An-Escape-From-the-Chaos | Feature | 6 Best Reasons To Live In Thao Dien

6 Good Reasons To Live in Thao Dien

Saigon, or Ho Chi Minh City, has grown into the economic and cultural epicenter of Vietnam. It’s fast-paced, chaotic, and vast. And, compared to Hanoi, moderately young.

The ever-evolving cityscape lacks distinct neighborhoods, and finding Saigon’s charm can prove allusive. Instead, you’ll find a sea of similar buildings infused with quaint alcoves and trendy alleys. One area melts into the next, and there’s a persistent rumble of 4-stroke engines and construction (and, sometimes, roosters). On the other hand, there’s Thao Dien.

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GS25 | Feature | Main Banner - GS25 1920x1080


Korea’s leading Convenience store Brand “GS25”

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lien-pham-owner-hem-chill-thao-dien | feature | Lien Pham

Lien Pham

Have You Seen… Lien Pham? Owner of Hem Chill Seoul Street and Bo To Tay Ninh in Thao Dien tals to Thao Dien Life.

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