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Lang Thang And The Performing Arts Scene In Thao Dien

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“Not all those who wander are lost.”

― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring

Lang Thang means to wander, roam, or ramble, often viewed as a frivolous endeavor. Yet, given the proper environment, wandering is a well worthwhile pursuit. And Lang Thang in Thao Dien is just that.

Lang Thang is a creative space founded by three friends with a passion for performance, art, and culture. Besides hosting and curating events, it’s home to the Wintercearig Project and Dragonfly Theatre Education.


The Venue

lang_thang_living_room_thaodienlife | Lang Thang And The Performing Arts Scene In Thao Dien
Lang Thang’s interior feels like a home away from home

Whether it’s finding space for performances, visual arts, or an area away from daily life, physical space is one of the most significant challenges creatives face. Ilse, Tricia, and David overcame their own need for space by establishing Lang Thang.

The idea behind Lang Thang is simple – a blank space where anyone can create. It’s an elaborate hobby rather than a business. There’s no definitive plan but one  concrete objective., to provide a  space for people to be themselves without any expectations or pressures to be anything else.

It’s easy to see why they settled on this property in one of the lesser-known alleys in Thao Dien. Once you step through the gates, you step away from the chaos of the city.

The blue and white facade of the house forms the backdrop to the open-air porch that doubles as a stage. There’s a retractable cover to screen performers from sun or rain while verdant trees cover the audience. And, on days when outdoor activities are impossible, the show moves indoors.

In addition to workshops, curated events, and performances, Lang Thang is available for private functions.


Dragonfly Theatre Education

With the multifaceted David Patrick Delves at the helm, Dragonfly Theatre Education provides theatre training and education.

Theatre can have a far-reaching effect. Through workshops, camps, and drama classes, children can learn problem-solving, communication skills and build confidence while having fun.

Adults and corporations can also reap the benefits of theatre with assertiveness training, body language workshops, and team building.


The Wintercearig Project

The Wintercearing Project is the brainchild of Tricia Nguyen. The project aims to raise mental health awareness through contemporary art.

Mental health issues are still a taboo subject. Many people feel too ashamed or fear prejudice and stigma too much to confide in anyone. And, unfortunately, those who can’t openly discuss their difficulties are often the ones who need support the most.

Besides, it’s not always possible to express yourself through words. Even with support from counselors, the pressure to talk about your mental state can be overwhelming.

That’s where the Wintercearig Project can make a difference. The project focuses on providing a creative outlet in a safe environment. Participants can tell their stories in any format, be it through movement, visual art, or music.

Rather than artists exhibiting their creations, the participants perform and create the art. In doing so, it removes barriers and facilitates better understanding through artistic expressions. And, while art therapy alone won’t necessarily overcome mental health issues, it has the power to change mindsets.

First, surveys identify anyone who may need help. Then, consultations with a mental health professional present ensure someone is there for the right reasons. After evaluations, individuals can participate in workshops and start the journey towards wellbeing.

Most importantly, everything is free, and any teen or young adult with concerns about their mental health can get in touch. Contact the Wintercearig Project on Facebook to find out how you can help.


Future Plans

lang_thang_team_thaodienlife | Lang Thang And The Performing Arts Scene In Thao Dien
The Lang Thang team – (left to right) Ilse Zoerb, David Patrick Delves, Tricia Nguyen,

The dynamic trio doesn’t have any set plans for the future. They hope to curate more events, host more workshops, and eventually, artists retreats. As long as Lang Thang continues, the possibilities are endless.

Overall, Lang Thang embodies wandering and leaves a lasting impression. It’s Thao Dien’s best-kept secret. Or worse-kept secret, depending on how you look at it. The beautiful setting, relaxed atmosphere, and clowder of cats make Lang Thang the ideal space for creativity.

Although some may think wandering is pointless, it’s not a bad thing. After all, who knows what you might find along the way.

Follow Lang Thang on Facebook for more information and upcoming events.



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