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Why Investors Are Backing Thao Dien Business

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If you’re setting up a company, look no further than Thao Dien. Business is growing, and entrepreneurs are more eager than ever to invest in the neighborhood. Here are five reasons why you should consider it too.



Thao Dien is famous for high-end real estate developments, pioneering projects, excellent architecture, and modern facilities. On top of that, current infrastructure developments are underway that will benefit residents and business owners alike.

The Suoi Tien Metro Line is the first urban railway project in Saigon. City authorities are developing urban plans along the length of the route. The area will have its own station once the line opens.

Additionally, plans are underway to expand the Hanoi Highway from eight to 16 lanes. The Hanoi Highway connects the city’s eastern gateway with Dong Nai and Binh Duong provinces.

The upcoming completion of the metro project and the upgrade of the Hanoi Highway holds extensive benefits for Thao Dien business owners. Not only will it alleviate traffic congestion, but it also makes accessing the key points, such as Phuoc Long, Cat Lai, Saigon port, and Tan Son Nhat Airport, so much easier.


Strategic Location

For businesses, location is king, and accessibility to the rest of the city one of the leading factors when choosing a space for your business.

Thao Dien’s location makes connecting to neighboring districts convenient. It’s situated close to Saigon Port, and it takes roughly ten minutes to travel to District 1.

Furthermore, Ho Chi Minh City gives business owners access to promising markets in nearby countries, but Thao Dien also opens the door to tons of local expat markets.

What’s more, Thao Dien is feng shui. According to feng shui principles, property surrounded by water is lucky and will bring wealth and prosperity. With the Saigon River encircling Thao Dien, it may be the most favorable location for your business.

Lastly, many procedures such as business registration, customs declaration, and clearance have moved online. So, there’s no reason to stick to traditional business districts.


Less Traffic

Relatively little traffic is one of the reasons so many people choose Thao Dien. Avoiding traffic jams saves precious time for business owners and employees. Less traffic also means less stress and more productivity.

Most importantly, the expansion of streets connecting to Hanoi Highway should reduce traffic and resolve local flooding at the Nguyen Cu – Nguyen Van Huong intersection.


Thriving Local Market

It’s no secret that Thao Dien is home to many affluent expats, but the local market is also growing. Residents are often younger than 35, well educated, and earn higher salaries.

Higher incomes push consumers to favor high-quality products and luxury brands. This trend is evident in the increasing number of high-end fashion stores and international brands in affluent neighborhoods like Thao Dien.

However, there are still opportunities to seize the market because most younger shoppers don’t have strong brand loyalty. In other words, a Thao Dien business has the potential to be lucrative despite the international brand presence.


Thao Dien Business Opportunities

Happy businessmen shaking hands after successful meeting | Why Investors Are Backing Thao Dien Business
Thao Dien business opportunities draw entrepreneurs, investors, and innovators

The combination of Thao Dien’s modern facilities, cultural vibe, and start-up environment draws talented people. As a result, it’s fast becoming the hub for innovation, opportunities, and new ideas.

The unique culture and community of entrepreneurs encourage collaboration. Besides, Thao Dien offers various shared working spaces where professionals can meet like-minded people and take advantage of knowledge spillover.

Recruiting talent is often an obstacle new business owners face. Finding the right fit at a reasonable price can seem impossible. But, with several universities in and around Thao Dien, there’s a high concentration of newly qualified workers eager to prove themselves. Access to a vast talent pool can make finding the right employee a much easier task.

New business owners face many challenges. Choosing the right area to set up shop is one of them. Take advantage of Thao Dien’s envious location, resources, and growing market to build your business.


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