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4 Reasons Why Expats Love Living In Thao Dien


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Are you looking for a place in Saigon where you can live and have a good time? Thao Dien is one of the most beautiful towns in the city, where you can enjoy life and find opportunities. Read on to find out four reasons why expats enjoy living in Thao Dien.

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First Time in Saigon? Here Are 4 Reasons Why You Should Live in Thao Dien



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Like the Chinatown in San Francisco, Thao Dien is the “Melting Pot” of Saigon, where diverse peoples from many different cultures come together and mingle in a unique community. In Thao Dien, it is not difficult to spot Asians, Americans, or people of any other ethnicity in the street. Such a great sense of diversity makes this place one of the most popular and well-liked places to live among foreigners in Vietnam.

So what is nice about living in a diverse community? First, you are more likely to get to know people from the same hometown who speak the same language and share the same hobbies. Even if your neighbors come from a different culture, do not worry because that means you have the opportunity to expand your social circle. That said, Thao Dien is home to many local Vietnamese people. So, try to connect with the locals while you are here.



The following reason why foreigners love living in Thao Dien is its advanced infrastructure compared to other parts of the city. Public amenities like parks, transportation, and shopping malls are everywhere in Thao Dien. Regarding food, you can literally drive past several restaurants on the same street. What’s more, Thao Dien is located right in the center of Saigon, where you can reach any corner of the city within a few minutes of driving.

Affordable and easy-to-find accommodation also contributes to the overall effortless way of life in Thao Dien. From modern houses with a tropical garden to high-rise apartments, anything you want can be found here. If you are keen on a place with a nice view, you will be lucky to pick a room overlooking the picturesque Saigon River. And, you only have to pay as little as 250 USD per month to rent an ideal and well-maintained room in a building.




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If you are a true “partier” who enjoys nightlife after a long weary day at work, then the massive entertainment businesses in Thao Dien will probably spark your interest. Besides the vast number of fancy restaurants that open 24/7, the likes of Saigon Outcast Bar & Restaurant are venues that gather the most jovial partygoers from everywhere to enjoy great foods, open up, and be social. A must-visit place in the Thao Dien community!

Visiting a rustic, country-style rooftop cafe like Chenh Venh Rooftop Beer Garden may be an excellent idea for those who appreciate a relaxed atmosphere. There are many other venues for you and your family and friends to spend a night out at weekends. Thao Dien is where various shopping complexes and recreational facilities are located. Consider visiting Vincom Mega Mall Thao Dien and find out if there is anything that captures your attention.

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Career Opportunities


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Wide and open career opportunities are the last reason you should choose Thao Dien to settle in. Many expats work as English teachers in some international schools, which are many around Thao Dien and District 2. If you are not keen on spending your days in the classrooms, many other office jobs are available. This town has numerous well-paying businesses, with new promising ones growing non-stop.

Due to the diversity and incredible network of residents, it is much easier to get a helpful support system, either personally or professionally, in Thao Dien. Restaurants, bars, and live entertainment provide excellent professional opportunities and other social activities to develop your business. There are many things to see and do here, and you will never run out of chances. Visit Thao Dien Life Jobs to find your next job in Saigon.

Now you know why so many people, especially foreigners who come to Vietnam for the first time, consider Thao Dien the best place to live in. So settle down right in the heart of Saigon and begin your new journey.


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