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Dip A Brush Into The Thao Dien Art Scene

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Our Thao Dien neighborhood is a vibrant food & beverage community, but what about the creative entrepreneurs and works of art happening outside the kitchen. Read on to learn more about the journeys of three women who are leaving an imprint on the Thao Dien art community.

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Adrienne De Geer: Stay Curious & Authentic

Adrienne-De-Geer_body | Dip A Brush Into The Thao Dien Art Scene
Thao Dien Art Scene: Adrienne De Geer

Originally from Sweden, Adrienne’s background is in corporate communications and found her transition to coaching organically. Everyone needs a coach – you need someone who is objective that doesn’t give you what you want to hear but will challenge you to pursue challenges and grow.

With all projects, she strives to do everything with authenticity. When Adrienne talks about purpose, she says you need to be good at talking about unhappiness. What can you learn from being unfulfilled, and who can you turn to for support. Trust that you have the solutions and answers inside of you but take your time to answer.

Mark Your Walls is the result of her coaching and investment. Transforming into a design house, capture your time in Vietnam with a unique physical souvenir or explore.

“More than just a piece of wall art. It is a creation that tells the story beyond. Every mark is consciously chosen and thoughtfully engraved on the wall, embracing the cracks and holes that make out the story of the wall.

Allow yourself to see the story beyond.”


Patricia Alvim: Capturing Thao Dien Laugher

Patricia-Alvim_body | Dip A Brush Into The Thao Dien Art Scene
Thao Dien Art Scene: Patricia Alvim

Patricia arrived in Vietnam after teaching in Thailand. Originally from Portugal, she had always been passionate about photography and got her first camera at age six. When she moved to Asia in May 2012, she didn’t realize her new life could incorporate her artistic passion. She began going to comedy shows and realized the comics had no one to capture their performance professionally. What started as her donating her time turned into working with ‘Saigon Funny People’ and several opportunities by word of mouth.

Patricia prefers shooting portraits and candid moments. With all things she is passionate about, taking time to pause is critical to not getting burned out. One photography session can equal to triple the time in editing. When she first arrived in Vietnam, she threw herself into working and now leads a balanced life with passion projects, creativity, and professionalism.


Tricia Nguyen: Painting A New Life Into Mental Health Awareness

Tricia-Nguyen_body | Dip A Brush Into The Thao Dien Art Scene
Thao Dien Art Scene: Tricia Nguyen | Credict:

Tricia Nguyen is grateful for her artistic roots and the chance she had while growing up to express herself and explore various passions. Born in Saigon, she studied abroad in England and returned to Vietnam in 2010. Following a childhood dream, she attended the academy of dance. Still, when she needed support beyond the stage, her options were limited.

Recognizing a void, she began to create a safe space where Vietnamese youth can come and learn the tools to move forward when overcoming trauma or mental health topics. She started the Wintercearig project, an initiative to develop participants’ artistic talents and bring awareness to mental health.

The first year, Wintercearig was an art exhibition, but it has evolved to remove barriers between art and artists. Allowing anyone to create became a tangible and physical outlet with beautiful results. Outside of Wintercearig, Tricia is one of three brilliant artists running Lang Tang Theatre. Also, she works full-time as the Cultural Coordinator for the Goethe-Institut.


If you know more Thao Dien art creators, let us know, and we’ll cover them in our next updated feature.

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