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Everything You Need To Know About Thao Dien Animal Rescue

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When you see a stray dog or cat in the Thao Dien neighborhood, do you know what to do? With amazing organizations like ‘Laws for Paws Vietnam’ & ‘Awasome Animal Rescue,’ we’ve answered all of your animal rescue questions!


How To Have A Successful Thao Dien Animal Rescue

What To Do For A Stray Dog

  1. Before trying to rescue an abandoned dog, double-check in the neighborhood that it doesn’t belong to anyone. Even if it seems to be abandoned, it is important to ask before beginning a rescue.
  2. Take a picture or a video of the dog and send it to one of the animal rescue services. Make sure you include location information or a pin drop so they can easily find the animal later.
  3. You do not have to wait with the dog. If you think it is urgent, you can post on social media or contact one of the twenty-four-hour vet clinics.


If you have other animals in your home, it is not advised that you bring a stray into their environment. Unfortunately, you cannot guarantee if the dog has any contagious infections or diseases and would be putting your other furry family members in danger.


The Differences Between Rescuing Cats And Dogs

The biggest difference between rescuing cats and dogs is their ability to adapt and socialize. Alley cats develop close bonds to their environment and trying to make them house cats can cause more pain than necessary. After four months, it is harder to socialize a kitten, and they may not adapt to living within a household or with people.

The best thing for feral cats is to be trapped, neutered, and released. Population control is one of the best ways to help outdoor cat communities. If you see a cat in your neighborhood, it’s best to observe it for a couple of days before making a decision. If it appears in good health, you can leave out food and water, but it might not require further assistance.


What To Do For Stray Kittens

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If you find one stray kitten, the mother may have chosen to abandon the kitten due to parasites or other reasons. It is not likely that this kitten will survive or can be rescued.

If you find a group of kittens, first look for the mother. She might have left to get food or supplies and will be in distress if she cannot find her babies on return. If humans have abandoned a group of kittens in a bag or box, contact ‘Awasome Animal Rescue’ for further assistance.

If you find an animal late at night or in the early hours of the morning, the ADI clinic in Thao Dien has twenty-four-hour services. The cost is 2.5 million VND, and you can bring the animal you have found to them for their support. Contact them on their hotline at 1900 633093.


What To Do When You See A Dog Being Abused By Its Owner

Owners legally take priority over a rescue team, regardless of circumstance. Unfortunately, you cannot kidnap a dog out of an abusive home as this is considered theft. With support from one of the Thao Dien animal rescue groups, you can work with a volunteer to translate negotiations with the family and see if they are interested in changing their behaviors or would allow the dog to be put up for adoption.


What Happens After A Thao Dien Animal Rescue

When you get in touch with ‘Laws for Paws Vietnam’ & ‘Awasome Animal Rescue,’ they take quick action to give an animal the best life possible. They will perform a health check, vaccinations, and neutering. After a clean bill of health, they begin rehab, learning how to socialize and, for dogs specifically, learning how to eat dog food and walk on a leash. The rescue will then move into a foster home, and the adoption process follows.


Fostering & Volunteering For Thao Dien Animal Rescue

The founders of both organizations put their whole hearts into helping animals, but they can always use your support! If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please read the guidelines posted on Facebook. Being a foster parent will not guarantee a puppy or a kitten. It would be best if you had the time available to welcome a new animal into your home. Both organizations ask that you can foster for longer than a month. This keeps the process smooth, the adoption process unrushed, and more stability for the animal. If you cannot donate your time, please consider monetary donations to either organization. More information can be found through their Facebook pages.


We are happy to answer your questions on Thao Dien animal rescue. Let us know anything that wasn’t answered in the comments below.

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