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Best Places to Exercise in Thao Dien for Free

senior man exercise in Saigon Bridge park | Feature | 4 Best Places to Exercise in Thao Dien for Free

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Exercise is one of the most important things you can do for your mental and physical well-being. Thankfully, Thao Dien is home to lots of opportunities to improve your fitness levels. This includes gyms, yoga studios, kickboxing, pilates, and even CrossFit. Yet, many people are also interested in where and how they can exercise in Thao Dien for free. We’ve done the research, and here are the best places to exercise in Thao Dien for Free!



Run the ‘Thao Dien Loop’

On any given day, you can see that Thao Dien is an active community. From taking your dog for a morning walk to rigorous training for a triathlon, residents here enjoy getting outside and exercising to enjoy a pleasant evening stroll. The Thao Dien Loop is considered one of the best running routes in all of Ho Chi Minh City. This 5km route is a fantastic way to exercise in Thao Dien for free. Give it a try today!


Skate at Saigon Outcast

young man skillfully skate in Saigon Outcast | 4 Best Places to Exercise in Thao Dien for Free
Skate at Saigon Outcast | Credit:

Saigon Outcast is a favorite amongst people in Thao Dien. It hosts many types of events, including craft beer festivals and music concerts. You can go rock climbing and can even get a tattoo there! But, did you know that you can skate there for free? Yes, that’s right! Stop by this chill spot this weekend and check out its very own skating bowl.


Pick up Trash with Trash Hero

If you’re looking for the best places to exercise in Thao Dien for free, going for a walk and helping pick up trash is a win-win for you and the community. You get to exercise at no extra cost, and the Thao Dien community benefits from your contribution.

Trash Hero is an organization that does this every 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month. There’s no sign-up, no registration, and they provide all the clean-up materials. It is a one-hour clean-up followed by a one-hour discussion about how we can change our consumption habits for the better. Clean, learn, and do your part to make a difference!


Play Basketball at Saigon Bridge Park

How about some friendly competition? Competitive sports have shown to make your brain more efficient. Saigon Bridge Park is a great place to play with your friends for free if you are a basketball fan. There are two full courts available for you to use. After you’re done, don’t forget to bring some snacks and treat yourself to a lovely picnic!



Try Acroyoga at Thao Dien Park

Thao Dien has many wonderful yoga studios, but have you tried Acroyoga? Acroyoga is a combination of yoga and acrobatics. For the more experienced yogis who want to try something new, acro yoga is an excellent test of strength, flexibility, and technique. Thao Dien Park’s grass area next to Saigon River serves as one of the best places to exercise in Thao Dien for free. This is perfect if you want to get out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself!


Rollerblade at Thu Thiem Tunnel Park

Thu Thiem Tunnel Park has a huge paved concrete area that offers an alternative form of exercise: rollerblading! Get your skates on, and take advantage of this huge outdoor space. Fun fact: rollerblading uses more muscle groups and burns more calories than a brisk walk. Don’t forget to bring a helmet!


Go for a Swim at Johnny Be Good Restaurant and Bar

Swimming pool view at Johnny Be Good Restaurant and Bar - GG | 4 Best Places to Exercise in Thao Dien for Free
Go for a Swim at Johnny Be Good Restaurant and Bar | Credit: Google Map’s photo – Johnny Be Good Restaurant and Bar

Johnny’s is the perfect place to go swimming for free and then enjoy some delicious food afterward. It has an outdoor bar and an indoor pool table upstairs. Plus, every Friday at 6:30 PM, they have live music playing. Exercise for free, eat food, and listen to live music – what more could you ask for to kick off the weekend?



(Bonus) If You Have a Board, Go Paddleboarding in the Saigon River!

Two men Paddleboarding in the Saigon River | 4 Best Places to Exercise in Thao Dien for Free
Go Paddleboarding in the Saigon River | Credit: Google Map’s photo

This one is not for everyone, but it is a friendly reminder that the Saigon River is a unique place to experience paddleboarding. If you own a board, why not take it out this weekend and enjoy downtown Ho Chi Minh City as your backdrop for the day?


Let’s Get Moving!

As you can see, there are many different and unique places to exercise in Thao Dien for free. Whether you want to do something simple like go for a run, try something new like acro yoga, or give back to the community by helping pick up trash, there are many options available to you. If you’re in the Thao Dien area this weekend, make a plan to get outside and get moving. You won’t regret it!


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