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Best Places to Eat, Drink, and Swim in Thao Dien

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Thanks to a vast and welcoming ex-pat community, Thao Dien is becoming the hotspot for the best bars, restaurants, and cafes in all Saigon. But, did you know that a select few even have swimming pools? If you haven’t discovered these hidden gems, you’re in for a treat! Let’s face it: You’ve worked hard this week, so it’s time to reward yourself. This calls for a cold drink, some delicious food, and a refreshing dip. Here are the best places to eat, drink, and swim in Thao Dien!

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So! Coffee at 67 Rustic Villa

To kick off the list, let’s talk about one of the best places to swim in Thao Dien that’s hidden in plain sight: So! Coffee. It is neatly tucked under the modern and sophisticated 67 Rustic Villa hotel resort. The beautiful cafe below is quite relaxing too. There are many comfortable seating options to choose from such as wooden benches, cozy chairs, and pillows on the ground. The best part is the delightful sky blue pool nestled in the back. It’s surrounded by clean white walls, bright green plants, and even has roped swings seats hanging above it!


Johnny Be Good Restaurant and Bar

Johnny’s is the ideal place to go swim and then enjoy a cold beer afterward. The outdoor bar and indoor pool table serve as the ideal setting for your next birthday party. Also, don’t forget: each Friday they will have live music starting at 6:30 PM!



Looking for the perfect spot to plan your next brunch? L’Herbanyste offers a creative menu that includes many tasty vegetarian and vegan dishes. It has been described as “A retreat from the city, a place to relax and revive your soul, mind and social life, L’Herbanyste combines the love for beauty inside-out, plants, food, coffee and community under one sacred roof.” 

The best part about this plant-based, eco-friendly oasis is its pool! Bring your bathing suit and go for a swim at this Bali-inspired restaurant.


The White House

Eager to find a sports pub to relax at after a long day of work? The White House is easily overlooked as one of the places to eat, drink, and swim in Thao Dien. There are also two pool tables upstairs. Make the most of your trip and stop by on Tuesdays with your group of friends for Trivia Night!


The Brix Eatery and Bar Lounge

How about escaping the city and stepping into a tropical paradise right in Thao Dien? Look no further than The Brix. Home to an open-air restaurant, bar, and pool lounge, this place has it all. Go on Thursdays at 4 PM to indulge in a curated seafood and wine offering, plus fresh oysters for 25,000 (vnd) each!


The Hive

Are you a digital nomad or aspiring entrepreneur? Check out The Hive Villa! It is a beautifully designed co-working space where you can work alongside other like-minded professionals. When you need a quick break after a meeting, this is one of the best places to eat, drink, and swim in Thao Dien! A day pass is 190,000(vnd), or if you want to rent a desk for a month, it’s 1,300,000(vnd). Come to get your work done, go for a swim, and then enjoy its rooftop views!


Thao Dien Village

How about a staycation? Thao Dien Village is the place to be. This serene spot includes a Vietnamese-Italian restaurant with a lovely view of the Saigon River. Not to mention a bar, spa facilities, and a secluded pool to relax at. Happy Hour is 2:00 PM-5:30 PM, Monday to Friday, with cocktails 20% off! It is the total package, and it’s no wonder it’s one of the best places to eat, drink, and swim in Thao Dien.


Villa Song Saigon

Still can’t decide on where to go for date night this weekend? Check out the luxurious Villa Song Saigon. There is a saltwater swimming pool, gym, spa, and the fantastic Bistro Song Vie restaurant. The menu has a huge selection of traditional Vietnamese dishes, Asian culinary favorites, and modern international cuisines. Also, if you decide to stay for the weekend, there are 23 beautiful, one-of-a-kind rooms and suites.

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Time to go for a Swim!

There you have it: the best places to eat, drink and swim in Thao Dien! As you can see, each place on any day of the week has something unique to offer. Whether it’s live music, vegetarian cuisine, trivia night, or fresh oysters, all these options will be waiting for you after you go for a much-needed refreshing swim. Please do yourself a favor and check them out!


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