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Picnic Spots in Thao Dien – a Great Opportunity For Family Bonding

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Family time is important. We can all agree on that. Finding a fun activity and the best place to make the most of that time is challenging. Why? Because family activities rely on planning and scheduling. This is a problem. So, what’s the solution? How about a picnic in Thao Dien!



Why Picnics?

“There are few things,” W. Somerset Maugham, the English novelist and playwright, once noted, “so pleasant as a picnic eaten in perfect comfort.” Picnics are an excellent opportunity for family bonding, and there are extra benefits too. You can enjoy a nice meal, you can get off your phone, you can play games together, you can reduce the stress you feel from work, and as a result, your kids might even improve their grades because of it. That’s a win-win for the whole family!


Why Picnics in Thao Dien?

Vietnam has become a top destination in Southeast Asia for expatriates to move their families. Ho Chi Minh City is leading the country’s economic boom that continues to bring in so many foreigners year after year. Moreover, the Thao Dien area has risen to the top as one of the most attractive places for families to settle down. Thao Dien provides a relaxed, western lifestyle with convenient access to restaurants, international schools, hospitals, and parks.

There are lots of activities in the area to enjoy, but picnics in Thao Dien might be the most family-friendly. They are easy to plan, there are no reservations needed, it’s cost-effective, and above all, it’s fun for everyone! If you live in the neighborhood and don’t want to drive into the city to visit Vinhome Central Park or Van Thanh Park, look to take advantage of the best picnic spots in Thao Dien.



Where are the Best Picnic Spots in Thao Dien?

If you live closer to western side, there are two options for picnic spots in Thao Dien that are right next to each other: Saigon Bridge Park (Công Viên Cầu Sài Gòn) and Thu Thiem Tunnel Park (Công Viên Hầm Thủ Thiêm).


Saigon Bridge Park (Công Viên Cầu Sài Gòn)

saigon bridge park | Picnic Spots in Thao Dien
Saigon Bridge Park (Công Viên Cầu Sài Gòn) | Credit: Google Maps

Saigon Bridge Park has many attractive features for a picnic. It has plenty of room for kids to run around, build sandcastles, and play on the swings. If you like sports, there are courts where you can team up with your friends for a game of basketball or football.


Thu Thiem Tunnel Park (Công Viên Hầm Thủ Thiêm)

Thu-Thiem-Tunnel-Park_body | Picnic Spots in Thao Dien
Thu Thiem Tunnel Park | Credit: Google Maps

Thu Thiem Tunnel Park is another great place to have a picnic. If you’re looking for a less active picnic and want to enjoy one of Ho Chi Minh City’s beautiful sunsets, this is the spot. Plus, if you happen to stick around for the nighttime, there is a big paved area where you’ll find people rollerblading, participating in dance classes, and even enjoying a water show that lights up at night!

If you live closer to the eastern side of Thao Dien, there’s one more great option that’s also right next to the An Phu Luxury Apartments: Thao Dien Park (Công viên Thảo Đien).


Thao Dien Park (Công viên Thảo Điền)

Thao-Dien-Park_middle | Picnic Spots in Thao Dien – a Great Opportunity For Family Bonding
Thao Dien Park | Credit: Google Maps

Thao Dien Park is neatly tucked away from the hustle and bustle of Thao Dien Street. Take the street, which runs perpendicular to the Mekong Merchant restaurant, and follow it all the way to Saigon River. You’ll find this perfect spot. It is a relaxing setting for a picnic, as well as fishing, playing in the jungle gym, or even an afternoon nap. If you go in the evening, treat yourself by picking up a bottle of wine on the way from the Wine Embassy!


Ask Any Restaurant

Any great Thao Dien restaurant that has a tempting outdoor picnic space would no doubt try and accommodate your needs. Make contact and tell them your plans. They may charge a fee, ask you to buy drinks, or even be able to make the whole picnic for you. And don’t limit yourself to a patch of grass – there are plenty of places with bench tables for large groups.


Summer is Coming!

American writer, Jane Wagner, said, “Unless you are at a picnic, life is no picnic.” Few family activities are better than a picnic. They are both fun and healthy for you. Plus, picnics in Thao Dien take it to the next level. It is your easy solution to the ongoing challenge of creating quality family time.

With schools entering the summer session, the trap of sitting inside on your phone all day is upon us. Now is the perfect time to go and enjoy the outdoors together. Make the most of it!


Let us know your favorite picnic spots in Thao Dien, and we’ll cover them in our next updated feature. 

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