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Ladies That Do Dance in Thao Dien

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Regardless of age or experience, the dance companies in Thao Dien are helping the community discover dance as a fitness routine. Teaching young to old, novice to polished, these two inspiring women will help you find your spotlight. Read more about dance in Thao Dien.

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Linh Rateau: Bringing Dance to Thao Dien

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Ladies That Do Dance! | Linh Rateau

The love of dance runs through Linh’s family, and she has been influential in creating a dance community in Thao Dien. Arriving in Vietnam for the first time in 1997, Linh returned to Saigon in 2001 to experience living here for one year. Twenty years later, she is still cultivating a welcoming dance community for children and adults alike.

Linh is known in the Thao Dien community for starting her business DanCenter. The first location opened in Binh Thanh district in 2007. The Thao Dien location opened its doors in 2011, celebrating ten years this fall. The locations host a variety of classes for all ages and make anyone who walks in feel welcomed to explore different styles of movement.

Currently, DanCenter offers two free classes a week. One is ballet stretching, and the second is just dance. Just Dance is an opportunity to move and shake to various types of music and feel the energy your body naturally produces. Linh is a firm believer in watching her students gain confidence by feeling the music and forcing themselves to stop overthinking. When she’s not running the center, Linh enjoys the variety of international foods available in Thao Dien!


Sabra Johnson: Life Is About Dance in Thao Dien

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Ladies That Do Dance! | Sabra Johnson

Internationally, Sabra Johnson has worked on several different stages and performed various dance styles. Still, she loves the diversity and passion found in the unique Vietnam dance community.

Working in dance since she was 18, she originally came to Vietnam five years ago for fun as a tourist. Thanks to her extensive network, the first person she connected with was John Huy Tran from the UDG dance company. This friendship and professional relationship have been a catalyst for Sabra building her network, opening opportunities to teach, perform, or design choreography. Currently, she is working with three different dance companies and started her own company, EVA, last year who had their debut performance this past January to a sold-out audience.

For anyone trying to bring more fitness into their life, Sabra’s advice is to find what you enjoy. Half the battle is finding fitness that doesn’t feel like a chore, instead of something fun to stay healthy! With dance, you cover your full range and work on balance, stability, stamina, strength, and flexibility. When she isn’t dancing, Sabra enjoys having coffee or being creative with writing or cooking!


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