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Christmas Spirit Around Town – 12 Christmas Spots to Visit Around Thao Dien


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The very spirit of Christmas is just around the corner. Are you looking for a place to spend your festive occasion this year? We know what you’re thinking, that’s for sure. These are the 12 best Christmas spots around Thao Dien to put on your holiday bucket list.


12 Christmas Spots to Visit Around Thao Dien

Le Square Épicier Fin

Are you looking for a unique gift for your loved ones this Christmas but still wondering what to choose? No worries! Le Square Epicier Fin has special gourmet hampers which will be attractively packaged for you to gift to your family, friends, or co-workers.

This weekend, gather up with your friends to go shopping and enjoy the festive environment with a wide range of foreign products and numerous Christmas specials in Le Square Epicier Fin.


The Deck Saigon

Located on the banks of the Saigon River, The Deck is where friendships, romance, and excellent food come together.

Nothing is more romantic than sharing the sunset, unwinding with a creative cocktail, and enjoying the holiday spirit with your friends or partner in this modern restaurant. The Deck has designed a special Christmas menu to treat its guests with a top-class seafood meal. It is served with a spectacular river view on this special occasion.

Mekong Merchant Saigon

Are you looking for some early Christmas treats? Don’t worry – Mekong Merchant has got you covered. This year, to spice up the festive vibe, this European restaurant has created a unique set menu for Christmas Eve Dinner and Day Lunch, as well as an optional free flow menu.

The unique feature of Mekong Merchant is that it will allow you to provide a light of hope to the poor youngsters during the Christmas season. The guests can simply select a child’s wish from the tree and return the required gift before December 21st.


Sadéc District – LÔCÔ Art Market

Another place for buying Christmas gifts for your loved ones? Sadec District is one of the best destinations for those who enjoy trendy furniture and homewares.

Sadéc District also teamed with LOCO Art Market to provide a pleasant atmosphere and high-quality merchandise. What’s more? The LOCO Art Market will return with a larger scale and more surprises on Christmas Day!


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Kazama Restaurant

Would you like to try some Asian cuisine this festive season? Let’s enjoy beautiful meals prepared by a great Japanese chef at KAZAMA, a modern Japanese restaurant in the heart of Thao Dien. Also, there will be special Christmas dishes as gifts for any guests coming here.


Saigon Outcast

This location is increasingly becoming a meeting spot for folks who enjoy art, creativity, and exploring new places. Let’s meet up with your friends and bring them to youth events and activities here, such as rock climbing, coffee-hopping, graffiti art, acoustic nights, etc.

Don’t miss out on the big event of the TET market at Saigon Outcast on January 15th!


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Sky 9 Bar Saigon

Are you a big fan of football? Come to Sky 9 Bar, order a Cold Tiger Draft, plus a dish of Grill Sausage Sizzle, and enjoy the game with other huge admirers.

If you’re looking for a place for celebrating a big Xmas party, Sky 9 offers you spectacular views with a high-class selection of cocktails, wines, and spirits.


Mia Saigon – Luxury Boutique Hotel

If you wish to spend the most beautiful days of the year with your family, let Mia Saigon make your festival season more meaningful and memorable than ever. Mia Saigon has planned many exciting activities and well-prepared parties for the Festival week, which runs from December 24th to January 2nd.


Treats and Sweets

You cannot deny that candies and desserts are something that immediately comes to mind when thinking about the Christmas season. If so, you can’t ignore the sweets paradise of Treats And Sweets store on Thao Dien street.

Not only sweets, but this place also displays a variety of Christmas-themed souvenirs, furniture, and bonsais. Let’s treat yourself to tasty chocolate pieces in charming packages and great classic toys at Treats and Sweets.




Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without presents. However, Christmas is sometimes stressful when it comes to shopping for thoughtful and caring gifts. No worries – KEPI has got your back! KEPI not only has the best selection of gifts for all ages, but this shop also provides a free wrapping service for any customer in need.

If you haven’t decided on an idea for your house decoration this Christmas & New Year, come to KEPI and check out their latest promotion.


Villa Song

Villa Song has a large selection of wine, foods, and spirits to care for all your needs. Whether you’re arranging a get-together with friends, a Christmas party with family, or a date night with your partner, Villa Song is all you need.

Couples looking for a luxury place to create their own memorable Christmas night can visit Villa Song to take in the scenery and enjoy its facilities: spa service, saltwater swimming pool, shuttle boat, romantic setting, etc. What could be better than that?



Pendolasco Restaurant

Want to get some Italian vibes this Christmas? Why not? Pendolasco will be offering an authentic Italian menu with a range of traditional dishes and high-quality services. Until the end of December, there will be exclusive promotions following their seasonal specials. When you aren’t in the mood for the e-music, Pendolasco is a perfect place for a chill and relaxing dinner.



Which are your favorite Christmas spots? Let us know, and we’ll cover them in our next updated feature.

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