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Thao Dien Brunch: 8 Delicious Breakfast Spots in Thao Dien

waffles-bacon-berries-honey-brunch-on-table-Thao-Dien-Brunch-8-Delicious-Breakfast-Spots-in-Thao-Dien-ss | Thao Dien Brunch: # Delicious Breakfast Spots in Thao Dien

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Thao Dien has long been renowned as a miniature culinary world in the heart of the city for its incredible worldwide cuisine. There is a wide range of cuisines available, including Vietnamese, Italian, Mexican, Greek, and everything in between. This place also has a variety of tasty breakfast spots that will appeal to both locals and foreigners.

Let us take you on a unique, early morning adventure riding through these eight delicious breakfast spots in Thao Dien.


Local Breakfast Spots in Thao Dien

Hai Hoi Quan – Bun Cha Ha Noi

Bun Cha originated and remains popular in Hanoi. This time, let us bring a breath of fresh air from the capital to the busiest metropolis of Vietnam.

“Bun” stands for white rice vermicelli, and “Cha” refers to the charcoal-grilled pork belly and meatballs. This dish consists of grilled pork and noodles, served with pickles, fresh herbs, and irresistible sauce. What could be more ideal for an early morning than this combination?

Many expats in Thao Dien consider this one of their favorite brunch spots. With only 55,000 VND, you are treating yourself to a hot breakfast typical of northern Vietnam right in the sunny and windy land of Saigon.

Address: 51 Xuan Thuy, Thao Dien Ward, District 2

Price range: 55,000 – 75,000 VND


Bo Ne Nano

It’s time to explore a little Western flavor in Saigon! Bo ne, or Banh mi bit tet, cannot be missed in your list of Vietnamese street food if you stay in Thao Dien for a long while.

This dish is truly an excellent fusion between Western and Vietnamese cuisine. Thin beefsteak, French fries, spring onions, pâté, and a sunny-side-up egg are all presented sizzling on a hot platter. All of these incredible ingredients are served with a tempting sauce. Bo ne is served with Vietnamese bread rather than a French baguette, giving you a new perspective on how a Vietnamese chef makes a beefsteak.

Address: 41 Quoc Huong, Thao Dien, District 2

Price range: 50,000 – 90,000 VND


Com Tam 40A

com-tam-dish-for-brunch-com-tam-40a-thao-dien-ss | Thao Dien Brunch: # Delicious Breakfast Spots in Thao Dien
It’s nearly difficult to walk a block in Thao Dien’s major tourist attractions without running into a swarm of hungry customers eating wonderful rice with grilled pork from a com tam stand.

Saigonese cuisine can’t be complete without Com Tam – that’s for sure. The soft broken rice with grilled pork and additional toppings, including sunny fried eggs, sausage, and Vietnamese steamed omelet, all topped with a special fish sauce, will astonish your appetite.

Address: 40A Quoc Huong, Thao Dien, District 2

Price range: 30,000 – 50,000 VND


Banh Mi Tuyen Ky

When it comes to Vietnamese cuisine, how can you forget to mention this iconic food – Banh mi?

Many people, both residents, and ex-pats, regard Banh mi to be a breakfast staple. The fillings are pretty diverse, containing various types of meat and vegetables. Grilled pork, chicken patties, pickled vegetables, ham, and pork liver pâté are all available choices for toppings nowadays! There are thousands of options that can surely satisfy your taste.

The best-seller is Vietnamese bread filled with roast pork, pickles, and special sauce for this local restaurant.

Address: 56 Xuan Thuy, Thao Dien, District 2

Price range: 22,000 – 30,000 VND


Western Breakfast Spots in Thao Dien

Snap Cafe & Restaurant

Do you wake up late on a Sunday morning and want a big Western breakfast rather than the street-side pho or banh mi? Then Snap Cafe is the perfect breakfast spot for you!

More than a café, Snap Cafe serves delicious comfort cuisine worldwide. Besides iconic Vietnamese dishes, this restaurant offers home-style Western foods, such as burgers, salads, burritos, tacos, pasta, etc.

The tranquil book garden, a family-friendly restaurant with a spacious playground, attracts people the most, where you may have a leisurely breakfast with your homies.

Address: 32 Tran Ngoc Dien, Thao Dien, District 2

Price range: 110,000 – 275,000 VND


KITCHEN Restaurant

Weekends are for brunch, and this spot has got you covered. KITCHEN is one of the best spots in town for breakfast with a diverse menu, including different types of Western dishes.

You don’t want to start your day on an empty stomach. A nutritious breakfast at KITCHEN is the perfect kickstart this week. What is more perfect than a relaxed atmosphere with only the best quality of fresh food – all handmade meals?

Besides delicious and high-quality dishes, what makes KITCHEN stand out from other spots is all profit from this restaurant will be used to donate to various Children’s Charities in Vietnam.

Address: 70 Street 66, Thao Dien, District 2

Price range: 120,000 – 180,000 VND


Saint Honore Saigon

This Authentic French Bistro includes a bakery, coffee shop, and restaurant in Thao Dien.

Saint Honore Saigon offers an extensive drink menu, including different kinds of coffee, soda, juice, and smoothie. The food menu ranges from full English breakfast, Parisian baguette, nachos burger to irresistible homemade meals.

This spot is arguably one of the best restaurants for a boozy brunch in all of Thao Dien. Even if you aren’t interested in a boozy brunch and wish for a simple yummy Saigon breakfast, Saint Honore Saigon will rank high on your list of favorites.

Address: 33 Tong Huu Dinh, Thao Dien, District 2

Price range: 25,000 – 250,000 VND


New York Bagel

Another breakfast staple in Thao Dien, why not? What is more perfect than a slice of warm bread with delicious jam on top served with a cup of coffee on a rushing Monday morning?

Styled similarly to a modern American bakery, New York Bagel has gray tiled floors and small wooden tables sprinkled throughout. The quiet space here is an ideal place to visit with friends or enjoy a good book on your own, with a freshly made New York Deli Sandwich, a cinnamon roll, and a cup of plant-based oat milk latte.

Address: 94 Xuan Thuy, Thao Dien, District 2

Price range: 30,000 – 150,000 VND


Which are your favorite breakfast spots in Thao Dien? Let us know, and we’ll cover them in our next updated feature.

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