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Drinking in Thao Dien - Something For Everyone

The secret ingredient to the perfect night out with friends is finding that fabulous spot for a drink. And Thao Dien is packed full of them!

From roof-top bars to riverside drinks, you can find the best places for a drink Thao Dien has to offer right here. There are bars serving killer cocktails as well as taprooms with cold craft beers to quench your thirst.

If you enjoy a tipple, then look out for some locally produced beverages to try. The craft beer scene in Saigon is booming! Expats from all over the world are brewing up a storm to bring us the tastes from home that we know and love and experiment with Vietnamese ingredients to bring us delicious flavors like passion fruit, dragon fruit, and even pho beer!

While there are no licensed nightclubs in Thao Dien, there are a few bars that stay open until the early hours and have a more dancy vibe. Live music is a regular occurrence that you’ll be sure to find any day of the week.

Browse the highlights and ideas on this page for some inspiration on bars & nightlife. Or use the search facility above to search for specific places to drink in Thao Dien.


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