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A Day In Thao Dien: Where to Go & What to Do?


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Thanks to its diversity of culinary and entertainment venues from other countries, Thao Dien is like a miniature world in Ho Chi Minh City. Do you want to know why this neighborhood is considered one of the best areas in Ho Chi Minh City for ex-pats and foreigners? Let’s spend a day in Thao Dien with us, exploring numerous exciting places and engaging in fun activities!


A Day in Thao Dien

Saigon Outcast – Push Climbing

Do you enjoy sports? Do you want to overcome obstacles and relieve stress?

Alright! Let’s start your day and get sweaty with many physical activities at Push Climbing!

Located within Saigon Outcast, Push Climbing offers a 15-meter climbing wall, lead climbing, auto-belay, moon board & a jungle gym, where you can challenge your physical limit and earn lots of health benefits. They also provide sports training courses and a variety of activities with endless benefits for everyone, no matter their age, ethnicity, physical condition, or gender.


Chill Corner – Coffee Time

What could be more pleasant than unwinding in a tranquil environment after hours of tiring practice?

Although this small café isn’t as crowded as other shops, it’s quickly gaining popularity because of its beautiful drinks, airy, plant-filled design, and supremely peaceful atmosphere.


THE BRIX – Eatery & Bar Lounge

After a short trek down an alley, you want to visit a lovely courtyard where pleasant servers look after your grumbling tummy. Don’t worry – The Brix has got you covered.

This location is ideal for guests looking for a laid-back afternoon brunch. Coming to this place, you will be astonished by the unique design with tropical landscape. In addition to The Brix restaurant, it also houses the Momentum Living gallery. With the main color contrast, the exhibition space is aimed to shatter the mold and add a modern touch.


The BLOQ – Exciting Events

This will be the perfect place for you to stop and recharge after a whirlpool.

BLOQ, created just a few years ago, quickly became a heaven of entertainment and a virtual check-in for numerous young Saigonese. Rows of green trees interwoven with container blocks, surrounded by golden sparkle lights, give off a warm, intimate, and unique vibe.

The BLOQ provides guests with a diverse culinary experience. Therefore all of the restaurants here serve typical dishes from other countries. It is not only a great place to stop for a tasty lunch, but it also includes several tiny businesses where you can enjoy your favorite snacks.

The BLOQ has welcomed nail and spa services, promising a calm and comfortable environment for all those beauty fanatics out there. Many shops specialize in designing and drawing nail art or custom nails with updated trends and diverse methods.

Not only that, but the BLOQ also features shops specializing in modern, attractive design items that have been carefully picked and priced affordably. If you haven’t decided on an idea for your house decoration, come to The Bloq and check out some latest promotions.


Chill Deck Coffee & Bar – A Chill Evening

You know what? It’s time to lose yourself in an alcoholic night.

Chill Deck is a perfect spot where you can spend your night viewing the sunset and the entire city of Saigon shimmering on the river. Sometimes when you aren’t in the mood for the e-music, come to Chill Deck and take in the scenery: river waves, birds chirping, cold breeze, skyscrapers view, etc.

You can enjoy exciting events while sipping your favorite cocktails in Chill Deck. Here they have DJ Jam Session, workshops, and music shows. Anyone wishing for a great experience is always welcomed.


Sky 9 Bar Saigon – Have a Drink and Dance


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Are you ready to get drunk tonight? If yes, welcome to Sky 9 Bar Saigon.

It’s all about the views at this rooftop bar. Probably one of the best rooftops in Thao Dien, this bar is an incredible place to watch a spectacular night view with a world-class cocktail and some tasty food. Head to the outdoor terrace for a creative cocktail, fabulous cuisines, and beautiful music on the 9th floor.

Also, if you are a big fan of football, come to Sky 9 Bar, order a Cold Tiger Draft, plus a dish of Grill Sausage Sizzle, and enjoy the game with other huge admirers.


Don’t be put off by the distance if you want to venture to Thao Dien in District 2. While you won’t save any money, you’ll have a terrific time in this enclave, which is home to some of the best locations in the city.

Which are your favorite spots to spend a day in Thao Dien? Let us know, and we’ll cover them in our next updated feature.

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